MedForce purchases new $7.1 million helicopter, improving access to medical treatment

Published: Jun. 26, 2021 at 5:20 PM CDT
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COLONA, Illinois (KWQC) - Celebrating 21 years of service, MedForce medical transport in Colona purchased a new helicopter and made improvements to the base and hangar. MedForce now has three aircrafts and is able to care for more in the QCA.

“We are kind of unique in that we now don’t have to go back to a based hospital where we are from and take our patients back there so we get called somewhere and take them where they need to go,” says Gary Robertson, Director of Operations with MedForce.

The aircraft is a brand new 2020 helicopter and features a twin engine, autopilot, and is capable of flying about 135 miles per hour.

It’s also able to fly more patients, improving access for medical treatment.

“We can pick up a little more weight so now we can take patients up to 400 pounds and we couldn’t do that with our previous aircraft so that’s how it helps us. So it gets patients from the quad city area who might not have the specialty care and get them to the areas where they need to be,” says Robertson.

It’s also helping crews manage flights during the pandemic with another aircraft to use.

“We had to disinfect and spray the aircraft after every patient and that slowed us down and took extra time. So we went from a two hour turnaround time to around three or four hours depending on how much disinfecting we had to do,” says Robertson.

The new helicopter costs $7.1 million.

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