Old jewelry benefits QC Library

Published: Nov. 27, 2021 at 8:50 PM CST
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EAST MOLINE, Ill. (KWQC) - The estate of an East Moline woman sold her old jewelry to fundraise for a local library, Saturday afternoon.

James Hoffman inherited more than 50,000 of his sister Rebecca’s costume jewelry after she passed away of cancer last year. Rebecca built her collection through years of thrifting, auctions and TV shopping.

“I’ve got all this jewelry at my house and I don’t want a piece of it,” Hoffman said. “It’s all way, way too nice to throw away or just give to kids, you know the nieces and nephews.”

Hoffman is the president of the Board of Trustees for the East Moline Public Library, which is about to move to a new building in February. He figured selling Rebecca’s jewelry was the best way to get rid of it, all while giving back to something they both loved; libraries.

“She was an inveterate reader,” Hoffman said. “No matter how sick she got, we were always at the library.”

Nearly 1,500 rings were on sale ranging from $1 to $25.

“They loved it,” Hoffman said. “Everybody bought rings, Everybody! I don’t think we had more than two or three customers that didn’t buy something.”

According to Hoffman, about 230 people showed up. Initial estimates say they sold at least $4,000 worth of jewelry.

One shopper from Moline grew up in the area, she said she’s glad everything is going back to the community.

“I just hope to find some interesting pieces,” Kitty Hillyer said. “If I don’t find anything then maybe I’ll make a donation too.”

Hoffman said he’s excited people find value in his sister’s things.

“My sister would wear 10 rings whenever we went out, and she’d wear three necklaces and five bracelets, Hoffman said. “She was just one of those kinds of people that loved that kind of stuff.”

The current Library will close on Dec. 23, in order to start transitioning to the new building. The new building is set to open midway through February.

Hoffman plans on hosting another sale in March, once the library reopens.

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