John Deere Community Spotlight: Pam Davidson

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This engaging video series, produced in collaboration with KWQC-TV6, features John Deere employees who are making a positive impact in the greater Quad Cities community. The John Deere Featured Employee for this month is Pam Davidson.

Pam Davidson is a material storage and retrieval auditor at John Deere Harvester Works. Pam has worked for Deere for 18-years and commutes from Galesburg every day. You might say Pam is someone you can really count on, since her job involves counting the parts and ensuring they arrive at the proper location on time. She “loves her job” and is proud to work for Deere because we’re a company that “feeds the world.” She’s very active in the local UAW. She’s on the UAW Community Service Committee and is a member of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and Safety committees, respectively. In addition, Pam is passionate about her involvement with the Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Center in Rock Island. Her favorite activity is working the annual Thanksgiving dinner, something she’s done for the past 14-years.

Pam Tells us, “John Deere gives us the opportunity to do community service that we love doing, plus they give money to the non-profits that we volunteer at.” Pam is particularly fond of the tutoring and afterschool programs. She said “I’m grateful there are facilities to help people in need. I don’t believe in handouts, but ‘hand-ups.’ Deere and the UAW are helping these non-profit organizations.” Pam has also fostered more than 50 children over the years. Pam feels her heart and views are in line with John Deere’s community service efforts and she is very happy about being part of the John Deere family as well as the Quad Cities Community.

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